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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Kataragama and its Traditions

About the Kataragama Devotees Trust

The Kataragama Devotees Trust is a non-profit non-political body founded in 1988 by devotees of Kataragama from all religious and ethnic backgrounds. The mission of the KDT is to foster greater appreciation of Kataragama's rich cultural heritage while promoting and protecting its traditions.

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කතරගම දෙවියන් තවුතිසා දිව්‍ය ලෝකයේ ජීවත් වෙනවා

ඒ පිළිබදව අපි කතරගම දේවාලයේ ප‍්‍රධාන කපු මහතා වන සෝමපාල රත්නායක මහතාගෙන් විමසීමක් කළෙමු...

1988 Pada Yatra arrival to Kataragama

Kataragama Skanda: A God for All Seasons

The annual Kataragama festival, which honours the Hindu god Skanda, brings together Sri Lankans of all faiths.

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Kadai Swami: "Lord of the Grand Bazaar, of appearance holy, though of a crank"

Sage Yoga Swami once said "Even if Kadai Swami were to hold hands and dance with naked maidens, he would not lose his composure."

Kataragama in the 1940s

Kataragama – Memories of Sixty Years Ago

"You never said you were setting off on a trip to Kataragama. It was always just ‘going South.’ Meals were strictly vegetarian."