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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


German Swami Gauribala


When Humanity Heeds an Inner Call

German Swami, with whom I was associated very closely as a member of a group of six, including the one-time Governor-General's, son

German Swami Gauribala

German Swami Gauribala: Bohemian Swami of Jaffna

German Swami Gauribala Giri of Jaffna (1907-84) was, by all accounts, an enigmatic colorful figure known throughout Sri Lanka for decades.


Murugan's Circus By Manik Sandrasagra

In 1971 the remarkable German Swami Gauribala introduced me to Saiva Siddhanta Jaffna. I met Swami at the Colombo-7 residence of Mike Wilson

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Gauribala: Walking the Razor's Edge of Liberation

With the passing away of German Swami, alias Swami Gauribala in legend, both charismatic and eventful, spanning nearly half a century of retirement in caves

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Chapter Two Earthman by Maggi Lidchi

Christopher didn't know who Ayrishswami was or that Jaffna was in the north of Ceylon. He let himself be put on a bus filled with quiet Tamil businessmen going north to the Hindu area

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Chapter Three Earthman by Maggi Lidchi

When Christopher awoke from his after-lunch doze he sat on his verandah and lit a cigarette. He knew what he had to do.He could see the main gate from where he sat. He had to go through there


Chapter Four Earthman by Maggi Lidchi

Christopher's mornings continued prosaic. He now took over from Paul the job of sweeping the ashram paths with a leaf broom. Apart from Irish Swami's enclosed garden, the borders around the trees


Chapter Five Earthman by Maggi Lidchi

He had so little to lose, a battered case full of old clothes, the risk of having to wait two or three weeks for his pension cheque before he shoved off.