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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Fire Walking

firewalking kataragama

Firewalking: A Vow to Walk the Fiery Path

We had just reached the De Mel home when Dan telephoned. He told me, excitedly, "I have learned of a fire-walking ceremony in Kolonnawa village

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Fire Walking: A Dedication to Kataragama Deviyo

Kataragama in the deep South, where thousands of people congregate in adoration and worship, is known world over for its sanctity.

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Firewalking: When Embers feel like Petals

Heat emanating from the bed of embers is unbearable even from afar. Flames darting up occasionally light up the large crowd

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Firewalking to free yourself from imposed Limitations

Leonard Feinberg PhD was a visiting Fulbright Professor to the University of Ceylon in 1956. While he was there he witnessed a major annual religious ceremony.

Fire Walker

Lankan Fire Walker wins International Prestige

Since the age of eight, Sarath M. Mohotti has been following in the footsteps of his father Martin Mohotti, who was the first Sinhalese to perform the fire-walking ritual at Kataragama.