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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Early Accounts


"Kataragama" Impression of Dr John Davy 1819

On the 5th of April 1819 we continued our excursion into Lower Ouva, and proceeded to Katragam by way of Boutle (Buttala) and Talawa, a distance of forty miles, which we accomplished in three days.


Kataragama: Its Temples, Festival, and Pilgrimages

Kataragama is a remarkable place of worship and pilgrimage in Ceylon. This renowned temple, unlike those of India, which are distinguished forKataragama is a remarkable place of worship and


Kataragama Festival's Ticket System' in 1911

John Scott, Assistant Government Agent, Hambantota, who supervised the festival, thought that the whole permit system was a farce. "I would," he writes in his observations)

Story of Kataragama

The Story of Kataragama

The story of Kataragama is perhaps worth repeating as I had not seen it detailed in any of the diaries I have read. As told to me though there are probably different versions


Worship of Kataragama God

There is on the South-east coast of Ceylon a lonely hamlet known as Kataragama in the heart of a forest haunted by bears, elephants and leopards and more deadly malaria.

Kataragama Deviyo


Kataragama Deviyo is the Hindu war-god, at whose shrine at Kataragama, in the South-West coast of the Island, thousands of


Kataragama: The Holy of Holies of Sri Lanka

Girded on all sides by the belt of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, enriched by the fertile soil of the plains and the hills, watered by several rivers, endowed with numerous fauna and flora, natural scenic

1947 kataragama festival

1940 Esala Festival in Kataragama

Early in July 1940 the Chief Secretary ordered me by telegram to report within the week at Badulla. Here too I was to be Office Assistant


The Yantra of the Kataragama Deity

No sculptural representation of Skanda can be found in Kataragama, which is rather surprising, When Davy remarks, though, "Of all Gods,

raditions of Kataragama

Traditions and Legends of Kataragama

Many strange traditions are connected with Kataragama. Hinduism and Buddhism both take part in it; and even Islam is associated with the holy place.

Shrine of God Kadira

Kataragama - The Ceylon Shrine of God Kadira

The gods of the Hindu Pantheon are an integral part of the religious life of Ceylon. Psychologically, the distinction is clear in the minds of the Buddhist Sinhalese between the precepts and doctrines of