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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Indigenous Kataragama

Kataragama wedding festival

Veddas celebrate Kataragama wedding festival

Quietly and with little fanfare, some of Sri Lanka's most ancient traditions are showing signs of fresh vitality after many long years in decline.

valli wedding

Valli Marries the God Kataragama

You might as well know from the start this is a girl's story. The girl, Valli Amma, was a princess of sorts - a stone-age jungle princess


Sri Lanka's Indigenous Wanniya-laeto

Sri Lanka's indigenous inhabitants, the Veddas or Wanniya-laeto ('forest-dwellers') as they call themselves, preserve a direct line of descent from the island's original Neolithic community


Kebbilitte: Where Veddahs Cursed and Leopards Dispensed Justice

Almost inaccessibly hidden deep in the Ruhuna jungles is a hallowed spot where Veddahs worshipped in the dim past and gathered to curse, swear and to seek punishment for wrong-doers.

indigenous culture srilanka

Plan to Protect Bio-diversity and Indigenous Culture in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's indigenous 'first people', the Veddas or Wanniyalaeto ('forest-dwellers') as they call themselves, have inhabited Sri Lanka's semi-evergreen

kd kumarage

Kataragama Devale officials reach understanding with Veddahs

Mr. Yasasiri Kasturiarachci, Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devale announced on Sunday measures to ensure

magic of kataragama

Let Veddahs be Veddahs

'Stop trying to convert us into cultivators and let us be!' is the plea being issued by Veddah patriarch Tissahamy and tribal leaders including Kalu Appu and Sudu Bandiya.


Wanniyala Aetto cave art

Vedda cave drawings such as those found at Hamangala provide graphic evidence of the sublime spiritual and artistic vision