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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Sacred Space

kailasha padayatra

Kailasa to Kataragama:Sacred Geography

In most world religions, pilgrimage is given relatively low status in the hierarchy of religious practices. But in one ancient yet still vibrant sri Lankan tradition, the practice of Pada Yatra or foot pilgrimage demonstrably

 map of taprobane

Lanka's Cosmography Down the Ages

Across the ancient world from Europe to the Far East and from remote prehistory, down to modern times, the island known variously as Lanka, Serendib, or Taprobane has powerfully influenced the imagination of

god of kataragama

Kataragama's Holistic Orientation

The jungle shrine of Kataragama in southeastern Sri Lanka has long been a place of special interest to research scholars. For far longer, however, it has also been the object of determined scrutiny by yogis

Gateway to Other Worlds

Sri Lanka: Gateway to Other Worlds

Ongoing space research shares much in common with recent investigations studying the basis for Lanka's ancient reputation as a gateway between worlds. The implications, researchers say, could be enormous.


Kataragama Maha Devale & Sri Teyvanai Amman Devasth

As one circumambulates the Kataragama Maha Devale clockwise in the traditional way, after the completion of the worship in the inner sanctum of the Maha Devale and arrive at the U-turn on the left there is an

theoss adventures

Theo's Adventures in Alternative Lanka

The fifteen-year-old high school student from Detroit, Michigan, recently became the first foreign student ever to take part in a bold experimental programme in educational research that aims to re-acquaint modern


Lord of the Labyrinth

Kataragama is more than a marvelous place in the jungle, for it is also a very special place in the human heart. The way to this sacred shrine is not found in any map or book, but can be found only by those bold enough to...