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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Islamic Kataragama

islamic kataragama

Islamic Kataragama: Home of al-khidr

According to Islamic tradition our forefather Adam (alai) first descended to earth in Serendib (modern Sri Lanka) upon Adam's Peak.

imam al

Coming of Mystery Imam al-Mahdi

In this age of unrest and accelerating change, modern social and political pundits have been left behind by the rapid pace of events.


Al-Khadir, Alexander and the Fountain of Life

In worldwide Islamic tradition, the story of the prophet or saint known as Khwaja Khadir (Khizr) occupies a role of special distinction.

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams

Story of al-Khadir & Alexander

According to Islamic tradition, after prophet Adam (alai) was expelled from Paradise, he came down from Paradise to Adam's Peak in Serendip

kataragama festivals

Al-Faqr or `Spiritual Poverty'

The contingent being may be defined as one that is not self-sufficient, not containing in himself the point of his existence; it follows that such a being is nothing by himself and he owns nothing of what goes to make

temple kataragama

Kataragama - land of Khidr

Little is it known that Kataragama, the centre of the Skanda cult among Hindus and Buddhists, has a place in Muslim hearts as well.

pal kudibawa

The Pal Kudi Bawa of Kataragama

I read with interest the letter written by Mr. Nizam Careem of Hambantota in the Daily News of August 26, where he contradicts Swamy Dattaramagiri's statement that Pal Kudi Bawa was a Hindu hermit.

Facts about Kataragama

Response to "Islamic Kataragama Timeless Shrine"

The article by Shahabuddin on "Islamic Kataragama" as one with a basic knowledge of Islam will confirm is full of inaccuracies and hearsay as regards Islamic traditions and history.