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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Pada Yatra

pada yatra pilgrimage

The Kataragama Pada Yatra Pilgrimage

Invisible currents flow like mighty rivers along the paths of every pilgrimage, and borne along by these currents the traditional foot pilgrims move in their thousands from one spiritual center to another.


Sanat Kumara and the Kataragama Pada Yatra

Kataragama is a sanctuary full of intiatic mysteries for pilgrims of all faiths: Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The pilgrimage to Kataragama, across the length of Sri Lanka.

Pada Yatra from Tissamaharama in 1947

Foot Pilgrimage from Tissamaharama in 1940s

I would have been about ten years old when my parents, uncles and neighbours organized such a pilgrimage to Kataragama way back once in the 1940s


Pada Yatras Genuine and Spurious

Those who are well acquainted with Kataragama agree that it is a magical or mystical place governed by an ever-youthful Spirit that defies human comprehension.

kataragama festivals

1988: Love, War and Mystery - A Sri Lanka Diary

It has been sixteen years since I last visited this sleepy port town, once famous as an Allied naval base in World War II.


1991: Foot-soldiers caught in His War Games

For most Sri Lankans, June 11 1990 marked the beginning of an ugly phase of an age-old conflict, the cost of which can scarcely be measured by the number of lives lost or ruined.

padayatra 1991

1991 - Haro-Hara: Pada Yatra amidst War and Gunfire

Traditional foot-pilgrimage or Pāda Yātra is not, as many people beieve, a peace march, but an annual reenactment of espisodes related as legend and myth about Kataragama. Simple, ordinary people who

padayatra 1992

1999: Pada Yatra foot pilgrims reach Kataragama

Over 300 Tamil and Sinhala pilgrims arrived at Kataragama on foot in the annual Kataragama Pada Yatra on July 13 for the Kataragama Esala Festival.


2000: Kataragama Pada Yatra foot pilgrims

The first large parties of foot pilgrims, many walking from as far as Trincomalee, have reached Ampara district and are now approaching Kataragama

Esala Festival

2001: Kataragama Pada Yatra foot pilgrims

Hundreds of ardent devotees who walk annually from as far as Trincomalee to Kataragama for the Esala festival are now crossing Yala National Park

water cutting kataragama

2002:Pada Yatra pilgrims reach Kataragama

Large parties of foot pilgrims have arrived to Kataragama since the first day of the Esala Festival and many thousands more are expected to arrive


On Foot by Faith to Kataragama

Nowadays, most of the many thousands who visit the legendary jungle shrine of Kataragama travel by vehicle.


2011 கதிர்காம பாதயாத்திரை

வடக்கிலிருந்து கதிர்காம ஆலயத்தை நோக்கிய சமாதான பாதயாத்திரையொன்றை பக்தர்கள் ஆரம்பித்துள்ளனர்.இப்பாதயாத்திரையில் 50 இற்கும் மேற்பட்ட பக்தர்கள்