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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Lanka Bhumi


Lanka Bhumi : Sacred sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the land well-known for its sacred geography, temples and deep cultural roots. A place where it is not uncommon to see flowers placed at the feet of statues during worship. Zones of Peace are being

trinco temple

Trincomalee in Legend & History

Renowned in legend and history, by a variety of names Kona Malai, Kona Malai, Tiru Kona Malai Trincomalee is the site of the "Sacred Hill of the Three Temples." Situated on the eastern seaboard, the place


Tiruketeeswaram Temple, Mannar

iruketeeswaram, near Mannar, is the sthalam where thousands gather on Shivaratri night for veneration of Lord Shiva. They perform their sin dispelling ablutionary teertham baths in the sacred


Mihintale, guardian of the memory of Mahinda

It was at Mihintale that the apostle Mahinda met King Devanampiyatissa on a full moon day in the month of Poson and officially introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka.

thalawila church

St. Anne's, Talawila: A Shrine by the Sea

On the narrow tongue of land, known as the Kalpitiya peninsula, lying between the Puttalam lake and the mighty Indian Ocean, nestles the cosy little Talawila, where the famous sanctuary


Ritigala: The Enigmatic Mountain

Sri Lanka is blessed with so many varied archaeological sites of historical and cultural importance that the visitor is spoilt for choice. While the expansive ruins of the ancient cities


Munneswaram Temple Sri Lanka

Munneswaram, a slumbery, sleepy and normally inactive hamlet, lying in the outskirts of Chilaw, comes alive this season, with complex ritualistic festivities, ceremonies and processions


Upulvan Temple at Devi Nuwara

King Dappula I built the Upulvan Devala and the Buddhist shrine Kehireli Vihara. Parakramabahu II became the leading patron of both shrines the Upulvan Devala


Munnicuvaram : History, Ceremonies & Layout

Among the renowned Siva kovils which emerged in various parts of Ilankai, Munnicuvaram kovil at Cilapam in the western part of Ilankai was prominent