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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


Hindu Kathirkāmam

climbing katiraimalai

Kathirkāmam, the Abode of Skanda

Patrick Harrigan and VS. Krishnan offer an illustrated introduction to Kathirkamām, the Abode of Skanda in Sri Lanka

teyvan amman festival

Tevayani Amman Temple: Its History and Traditions

Historically Tevayani Amman (Sanskrit: Devasena) and her traditions hail from North India where they are associated with Hindu monks of the Dasanami

Lord Skanda

Kathirkāmam: Lord Skanda's Abode

Kathirkāmam is one of the rare places on earth, where grace descends in abundance. The mystery of this unseen power pervading this holy sanctuary cannot be unraveled by our fragmented intellect.

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams

The Worship of Muruga

"Muruga! Muruga! Om Muruga!" cry out in ecstacy the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the learned and the ignorant, the fashionable and the not-so-fashionable

kataragama festivals

Murugan: Kali Yuga Varada

Murugan, the undying 'Tender Youth' and boon-granting patron and of the Kali Yuga, has been adored, praised and worshipped by uncounted millions of devotees since Vedic times.

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Mysterious Power of Kataragama

Kataragama, the Kailasa of the Hindus, the Mecca for the pilgrims of all faiths, the haven of spirituality and sanctity was deified millennia ago as a repository of divine power.


Kriya Babaji and the ancient Kataragama Shrine

At a time when the quest for peace and harmony has become the watch-word among various warring communities the world over, from Northern Ireland to Bosnia

Facts about Kataragama

Realize Murugan to eliminate misdeeds and obtain grace

The glories of Kataragama Murugan are found in the ancient puranas and itihasas. Arunagirinathar of South India mentioned about Kataragama Murugan

Kataragama belongs to All

Kataragama becoming Purely Buddhist Place of Worship?

In 1966 the German scholar Paul Wirz observed in his book Kataragama, the Holiest Place in Ceylon, "One could say that all religions are represented in Kataragama

teyvan amman temple

Teyvani Amman Temple festivities at Kataragama

Centre stage of the annual Kataragama Esala festival shifts to Teyvani Amman Temple on the festival's sixth day with the temple's colourful Flag-Hoisting Ceremony.