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Petition against handing over Pillaiyar Temple

The Supreme Court yesterday (19) listed for support on Monday (24) the fundamental rights petition complaining against the alleged attempt to alienate the Mannikka Pillaiyar Kovil alias Sella Kataragama

esala kathairgamam

Perahera mood sets Kataragama alive

There was a festive mood in Kataragama during the past two weeks, since it was time for the annual perahera.


2007: Flag Hoisting at kataragama

The 2007 Kataragama Esala Festival officially began on July 15 with the Flag Hoisting ceremony at the Kataragama Mosque & Shrine.


2000: Flag Hoisting at Kataragama

The annual Kataragama Esala festival has commenced on Sunday evening with the Mangala Perahera following the Flag-Hoisting Ceremony at the Mosque.

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Kataragama's English Journalist Nelson Piyaratne

Kataragama is only the place in Sri Lanka perhaps in the world where all the people worship one God together peacefully.

aadi vel

Colombo's Adi Vel Festival

The 136th annual Aadi Vel Festival was held in Colombo on July 23rd 2010 with colour and glamour.

pilgrim aadi vel

1999: Pilgrim center draws Sri Lankans together

Kataragama, Sri Lanka Young boys in loincloths writhe on hot sand, men skewer their tongues and others walk barefoot on hot coals all in praise of their god.


Long eclipse of Sri Lankan culture is ending

Scholars at the University of California are looking to Sri Lanka for possible solutions to the dilemmas of modern science.


Kataragama shrine and Christianity

I reply herewith to the letter of Basil Fernandez (The Island 27 Feb. 2001) on the above subject. I note that Mr. Fernandez agrees that the ritualistic Catholic mass may

Kapurala at Kataragama

God Skanda’s servants in legal tussle

Acting Basnayake Nilame and the Chief Kapurala of the Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya are to face charges on contempt of court...