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Kataragama, Sri Lanka



kataragama devotees trust

Kataragama Devotees Trust

The Kataragama Devotees Trust is a non-profit non-political body founded in 1988 by friends and devotees of Kataragama from all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams

Murugan Bhakti is nothing new or unusual in Sri Lanka and South India. In every hamlet one can find devotees of Skanda-Murugan. Wherever Murugan bhaktas assemble, as at Palani or Tiruchendur or Kataragama

kaele kendra ashram

Kataragama Kaele Kendra

Kataragama Kaele Kendra ashram's old hut the shrine room. The middle room of the ashram main cottage, the darkest room in the interior which was used for meditation.

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams

Sri Lanka's Mud Culture

In 1989, Cultural Survival of Sri Lanka was formed with the object of representing the views and interests of traditional villagers who still form the majority of the island's population. The idea was to show that

samudra cottage

Samudra Cottage to Ulpotha

When the late Thomian raconteur Christopher de Alwis quit his job in 1979 in the pioneering Gemini Tours Limited he holed in alternatively with one of us; schoolmate Ranil Senanayake, drinking

Living Heritage Trust

Living Heritage Trust

Kudumbigala is the name of an abandoned region in the jungle belonging to the villagers of Panama, situated close to the Kumbukkan Oya estuary in Yala East National Park. Nearby is Okanda Devale

thambyah madam kathirkamame

Thambyah Madam, Kathirkamam

The history of the Madam (pilgrims rest) built in Kathirkamam deep in the South of Sri Lanka (Ceylon, as it was then known) in the year 1925 is as follows: The late Appapillai Sinnathamby Thambyah was a leading

Kokkadichcholai Siva Thondan Asramam

Kokkadichcholai Siva Thondan Asramam

This temple is situated in the south of the Eastern Province about ten miles from Tantamalai Murukan Temple with which it has administrative links.

Tirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam

Tirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam

Tirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam is a non-governmental organization established in 1978. It is registered with Ministry of Social Service NS/SS/C7

singharaja experience

Among the Gods in the Garden of Eden

Houses scattered among paddy fields and trees. The local villagers' hospitality is as overwhelming as their curiosity. Every stranger is a friend, who is invited to their homes to eat delicious food .

Ashram Kaluwanchikudy

Kathirkamam Bhaktar Ashram, Kaluwanchikudy

A prominent Kataragama devotee of Kaluwanchikudy in Batticaloa district, retired school principal S. Narayanapillai had for many years been walking to Kataragama every