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Kataragama, Sri Lanka


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Muruga Bhakti Ashrams

Divine Power of God Kataragama

The devotees stand crowded together, some holding trays arranged with fruits and garlands, others with hands clasped in supplication. The scent of incense and camphor mingles with smoke from the oil


Kataragama's Metaphysical Heritage

Of all the celebrated shrines to the youthful god Skanda-Kumara or Murugan (Tamil: ‘tender one'), none enjoys a reputation for sanctity and mystery like that of Kataragama (Sinhala; Kataragama)

Search of God Kataragama

In Search of God Kataragama

Our childhood influences us a great deal and as adults we tend to do the same things our parents did. Most homes continue the trend of cooking certain foods cooked by the ‘mothers' in their family home.


Marvels of Law Enforcement at Kataragama

Just mention the word "Kataragama" to any Sri Lankan and it conjures up images of torch lit processions, inscrutable holy men and stories of the miraculous to many. To others, however, the word is synonymous with

Vedda ceremonies on Esala Festival

Buddhist, Hindu, Vedda ceremonies on Esala Festival

The Kataragama Esala Festival swings into high gear on 16 July with a series of colourful rites and rituals of Buddhist, Hindu and indigenous origins.

valli malai kataragama

Murugan's sweetheart Valli

If anyone could be found who fully appreciated the greatness of Valli Amma, heroine of the never-ending Murugan Tiruvilaiyadu, she or he would hardly pretend to understand it.

matara swami

Tall Tales and Deep Truths

Since remote prehistory, island Lanka has been celebrated far and wide as the setting for incredible tales of legendary beauty, wisdom, and magical enchantment.

festival kataragama

The Kataragama Festival

Kataragama hums with activity at the time of pujas (offerings or prayers). Devotees laden with offerings move lightly, barefoot, up the temple steps

war god murugan

God of War and Peace

Kannan Arunasalam goes on a pilgrimage with an elderly aunt to a Sri Lankan Hindu shrine. It attracts people of all faiths, but it is increasingly overtaken with Buddhist trappings, revealing the political fissures

Kokkadichcholai Siva Thondan Asramam

God of War heals Sri Lankans after conflict

Drawn by Kataragama's supposed unending power to grant wishes, the devoted walked on burning embers and bathed in a holy river in a centuries-old religious festival that drew throngs of pilgrims to this small town.


Kataragama the Great Shrine of the South

Kataragama is one of Sri Lanka's 16 principal places of Buddhist pilgrimage, and is also an important shrine for other religions the Kataragama God predates the Buddha

kataragama elephants

Six weeks in a Cave amidst Leopard, Bear and Elephant

In 1963, when my friend. His Excellency James George (Jim), the then High Commissioner for Canada, invited me to join him in a safari to an ancient Veddah