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[Wanniyal-aeto visitors stay 'Naturally at the Taj' in the Samudra Cottage Wanni homestead]

Samudra Cottage, Colombo:
"Naturally at the Taj"

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams

Murugan Bhakti is nothing new or unusual in Sri Lanka and South India. In every hamlet one can find devotees of Skanda-Murugan. Wherever Murugan bhaktas assemble, as at Palani or Tiruchendur or Kataragama or even at remote villages along the pada yatra pilgrims' routes, some devotees join hands to create facilities for pilgrims and devotees to rest, strive and celebrate. Most are in remote rural areas, yet others may be found even in the heart of metropolitan areas of Madras and Colombo.

Murugan bhaktas typically agree upon a common set of principles as laid down by ancient poets, siddhas and rishis like Arunagirinathar. All over the Indian subcontinent, ashrams operate according to age-old principles of Varnashrama Dharma.

The typical ashram is a wattle-and-daub thatched hut upon a half acre of land occupied by a lone sadhaka engaged in sadhana as taught by his (or her) teacher. If the ashram resident is consulted in advance, often one may stay for a few days in the spartan setting while learning more about Murugan bhakti in practice.

This listing includes well-established ashrams as well as new ashrams yet being developed.

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams in Sri Lanka

  1. Kataragama Kæle Kendra, Kataragama
  2. Thambiah Madam, Kathirkamam
  3. Okanda-Kudumbigala Heritage Reserve, Ampara dist.
  4. Ukanta Malai Velayudha Swami Temple, Okanda
  5. The Samudra Cottage, Colombo Galle Face
  6. Ulpotha Sanctuary, Kurunegala dist
  7. Singharaja Rainforest Bhakti Kendraya
  8. Mandur Kandaswami Yogashram, Mandur
  9. Śrī Lingeswarar Asramam, Navithanveli, Ampara dist
  10. Tirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam, Tambiluvil
  11. Gauri Amman Yogashram, Gayatripuram, Tirukkovil
  12. Kathirkamam Bhaktar Ashram, Kaluwanchikudi
  13. Siva Thondan Asramam, Kokkadichcholai
[Param Swami, the resident swami of Kataragama Kæle Kendra from 1993-96]
Kataragama Kæle Kendra

Muruga Bhakti Ashrams in Tamil Nadu

  1. Vallimalai Tiruppukazh Asramam, Vellore dist
  2. Om Muruga Asramam, West Mambalam, Chennai
  3. Vaishnavi Devi Ashram, Tirumullaivayal, Chennai
  4. Om Śrī Skandasramam, Salem
  5. Om Śrī Skandasramam, Chennai
  6. Mailam Muruga Asramam, Mailam near Pondicherry
  7. Kaumara Mutt, Coimbatore-6
  8. Annai Pozhil, Avanac, Tiruppur, Coimbatore dist
  9. Śrī Murugananda Tiruppukazh Manimantiram, Tiruchendur
  10. Śrī Ramji Ashram, Kumarakoil, Kanyakumari dist

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