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Colombo Newspaper
25 July 2004
The Sunday Observer
Kataragama Pada Yatra 2004
Patrick Harrigan
7 September 2003
The Sunday Observer
Kataragama contribution to National Vision
Patrick Harrigan
1 September 2003
The Daily News
Reuters report on 2003 Kataragama festival
Chamath Ariyadasa
31 August 2003
The Sunday Observer
Background of Kataragama's islamic traditions
Asiff Hussein
10 August 2003
The Sunday Observer
Interviews with Basnayake Nilame and heads of Buddhist, Hindu & Muslim shrines (See Traditions of Kataragama 2003 Interview Series below)
Patrick Harrigan
4 August 2003
The Daily News
Conclusion of 2003 Pada Yatra & National Vision
Patrick Harrigan
20 July 2003
The Sunday Observer
Kataragama Pada Yatra 2003 and its role in creating a National Vision
Patrick Harrigan
8 June 2003
The Sunday Observer
Kataragama Pada Yatra 2003 from Mullaittivu to Kataragama
Patrick Harrigan
18 August 2002 The Sunday Observer "Kataragama devotion boosts the peace process" Pada Yatra Manik Sandrasagra and Patrick Harrigan
24 July 2002 The Daily News "Teyvani Amman Devasthanam: Its History and Traditions" Hindu traditions Swami Vigyananand and Patrick Harrigan
19 July 2002 The Daily News "Significance of the Kataragama and Vel festivals" Esala Festival Derrick Schokman
18 July 2002 The Daily News "Pada Yatra pilgrims reach Kataragama" Pada Yatra Nelson Piyaratne
24 June 2002 The Daily News "Pada Yatra pilgrims cross Batticaloa district" Pada Yatra Patrick Harrigan
10 June 2002 The Daily News "First Pada Yatra since 1983 from Mullaitivu, Jaffna districts" Pada Yatra Patrick Harrigan
26 April 2002 The Daily News "Pada Yatra, a symbol of faith" Pada Yatra Sian Woodcock
14 July 2001 Ceylon Daily News "Pada Yatra pilgrims approaching Kataragama" Pada Yatra Nelson Piyaratne
7 July 2000 Ceylon Daily News "Teyvani Amman Temple festivities at Kataragama" Hindu traditions Nelson Piyaratne
12 July 2000 Kataragama report "Discovery Channel discovers Kataragama" TV documentary Nelson Piyaratne
28 June 2000 Ceylon Daily News "Kataragama Pada Yatra in progress" Pada Yatra Nelson Piyaratne
17 August 1999 The Detroit News "Pilgrim center draws Sri Lankans together" General Dexter Cruez/Reuters
July 21, 1999 Ceylon Daily News "Pada Yatra foot pilgrims reach Kataragama" Pada Yatra Nelson Piyaratne
5 August 1998 Ceylon Daily News "Kataragama Devale officials reach understanding with Veddahs" Veddas at Kataragama Nelson Piyaratne
August 7, 1998 Ceylon Daily News "Kataragama Belongs to All People" Flag-hoisting 1998 Nelson Piyaratne
24 July 1997 Ceylon Daily News "Kataragama Deviyo's untiring white follower" Interview with editor Patrick Harrigan Nelson Piyaratne
8 June 1997 The Sunday Leader "On Foot by Faith to Kataragama" Pada Yata Patrick Harrigan
3 May 1995 Ceylon Daily News "Kriya Babaji and the ancient Kataragama shrine" Siddha lore C. Shanmuganayagam
1994 The Sunday Observer "Fire Walking: A Dedication to Kataragama Deviyo" Fire walking at Kataragama D.B. Kappagoda
24 August 1993 The Observer "Veddas celebrate Kataragama wedding festival" Vedda traditions of Kataragama Patrick Harrigan
11 May 1992 The Island "Let Veddahs be Veddahs" Vedda traditions Patrick Harrigan
16 January 1992 Ceylon Daily News "'Pada Yatras' Genuine and Spurious: Modern Politics and the Subversion of Tradition" Political 'pada yatras' Patrick Harrigan
June 16, 1991 The Sunday Times Harō-Harā: Pāda Yātrā amidst War and Gunfire Pada Yatra Patrick Harrigan
28 October 1990 The Sunday Island "Kali Yuga comes to Kataragama" 'Development' of Kataragama Patrick Harrigan
18 November, 1990 The Sunday Times "The Coming of Mystery Imam" Islamic traditions Patrick Harrigan
29 July 1990 Sunday Times (Colombo) "Foot-soldiers caught in His War Games" Pada Yatra Patrick Harrigan
3 June, 1990 The Sunday Times "Haro Hara! Here goes the Pada Yatra" Pada Yatra Patrick Harrigan
May 1989 India Currents "Love, War and Mystery: A Sri Lanka Diary" Pada Yatra Patrick Harrigan
9 August 1987 The Sunday Times "Long eclipse of Sri Lankan culture is ending" General Patrick Harrigan
April 1966 The National Geographic magazine "A Vow to Walk the Fiery Path" Fire-walking for Kataragama God Donna K. and Gilbert M. Grosvenor

Traditions of Kataragama 2003 Interview Series
 Interview with Ven. Dr. Aluthwewa Soratha Thero of Kiri Vehera
Interview with Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devale Basnayake Nilame Pradeep Nilanga Dhala Bandara
Interview with Śrī Purnanand Giri Swami of Teyvani Amman Devasthanam
Interview with M.H.A. Gaffar, Trustee of Kataragama Mosque & Shrine