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statement by Kataragama-based journalist and educator Nelson Piyaratne

Nelson Piyaratne
Nelson Piyaratne

"Kataragama is only the place in Sri Lanka--perhaps in the world--where all the people worship one God together peacefully. I believe that peace in Sri Lanka should begin here in Kataragama. This year (2003) half a million pilgrims visited Kataragama during the festival alone. At perahera time one sees all different people moving together in a congenial atmosphere. It shows that all can live as brothers and sisters. This is the best place to start to do something for lasting peace.

I believe that the cause of the conflict was people's lack of understanding. Religion also plays an important role. People including adults must be educated properly if we are to avoid conflict in the future. Dhamma education is also important; it teaches people to tolerate others and their religion. Likewise, respect for tradition is a must for people's unity and for avoiding unnecessary conflict."

Editor's note:
M. Nelson Piyaratne is a veteran English teacher who has been based in Kataragama since 1987. In 1997 he was appointed as Kataragama Group Correspondent for Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. (Lake House). As a long-time Kataragama resident, English teacher and journalist, Nelson Piyaratne has been frequently called upon to assist visiting researchers, photo journalists, and others including spiritual seekers from abroad. In the course of his long association with visiting scholars, researchers, and media teams, Mr. Piyaratne has acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of Kataragama's traditions and contemporary social milieu.

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