Samudra Cottage photo album (1989-1995)

Samudra Cottage circa 1993 Samudra Cottage circa 1993: Organic stone-ground meals served on Taj Samudra china.
Right to left: Errol, Manik Sandrasagra, Mudiyanse Tennekoon
Farmer Tennekon circa 1992 Farmer Tennekoon circa 1992
Background: The Taj Samudra
laying out garden bed Farmer Tennekoon laying out garden bed circa 1990
Vedda guests: 'Naturally at the Taj' 1993 International Year of the World's Indigenous People
"Naturally at the Taj"
When Cultural Survival brought indigenous Wanniyal-aetto folk to Colombo, there was no place to accommodate them in the way they were accustomed. So we put them up "Naturally at the Taj" at the Samudra Cottage.

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