Utterances of Chellappa Swami
(Guru Moli)

Songs Yogaswami sang of the Tamil mahavakyas
imparted by his guru Chellappa Swami of Nallur

The following English version is from Songs and Sayings of Yogaswami by members of the Sivathondan Society.
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Chellappā Swāmigal

My Master

The exalted seer, my master who by the name of Chellappan is called, the madman

I saw my guru at Nallur
"Hey, who are you?" (Nee yār?) he cried.
"Dive deep within and realize!"
"Give up attachment"
"All is well, my son" (Oru pollāppum illai)
As the divine guru to bestow true life upon me
He appeared and showed to me His feet and made me His man.
If sufferings crowd in on you in hordes
If your shortcomings seek you out and drown you
Think of the feet of Chellappan and they will take to their heels and fly.

Near the house of the car, holy Chellappan would teach:
"There is not one wrong thing" (Oru pollāppum illai)
That sage the saying has declared:
"All is truth" (Muzhutum unmai)

Wisdom in couplets

This no one can describe.
Know that for our benefit he gave the sweet and sacred word:
"Nothing do we know" (Nām ariyōm)
Before his devotees he formerly would say:
"This all is perfected and complete" (Eppavō mudinta kāriyam)
Chellappa Swami and Yogaswami
Guru and s'ishya: Chellappa Swami (seated) and Yogaswami from the cover of Têradi Chellappā Cuvāmikal
Yoga Swami of Nallur
Yogaswami of Nallur

Come, Oh, My Mind!

Come, offer worship, Oh my mind!
To gurunathan's holy feet,
Who said, "There is not one wrong thing" (Oru pollāppum illai)
And comforted my heart.

Come swiftly, swiftly, Oh my mind!
That I may adore the Lord
Who on me certainly bestowed
By saying "All is truth" (Muzhutum unmai)

Let us with confidence, Oh my mind!
Hasten to visit Him
Who at Nallur upon that day,
"We do not know" declared. (Nām ariyōm)

Come soon and quickly, Oh my mind!
Chellappan to see,
Who ever and anon repeats
"It is as it is." (Eppavō mudinta kāriyam)

Come, Oh my mind!
To sing of him, who near the car proclaimed
"Who knows?" with glad and joyful heart
For all the world to know.

Chellappan, the Sivaguru

He who is devoid of form as the guru of Nallur
Came and bestowed on me His grace.
The Lord Supreme, Who has become the universe entire,
Came Himself to great Nallur and said "We do not know".
He, who in writing cannot be described
As a guru came to this world.
In nothing are we lacking!

Tamil Mahavakyas

"All is truth" -- (Muzhutum unmai)
This world devoid of defect
Will paradise reveal to you
Give praise and worship and in joy abide!

"There is nothing wrong" -- (Oru pollāppum illai)
This matchless saying that the guru told
Will impart to you right understanding
Live, ever strewing flowers in reverence
Kadai Swami of Jaffna booklet cover
Chellappa's guru: see also this article on Kadai Swami of Jaffna

"Who knows?" -- (Ār arivār?)
This utterance of the master The highest knowledge will bestow
Live guarding it with honour in your heart!

"We do not know" -- (Nām ariyōm)
These words in virtue shining
Will grant prosperity and bliss divine
Rely on them without delay and live!

"All is finished" -- (Eppavō mudinta kāriyam)
This statement of the sage will to a settled mind
The Supreme State disclose
Live, offering flowers with love at the dawn of day!

These words will banish birth
Which in Tamil pure are sung
By the devotee, who ne'er
Forgets his master's lotus feet.

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