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Book review of Kataragama: the Mystery Shrine

Kataragama: The Mystery Shrine

by Patrick Harrigan
(Chennai: Institute of Asian Studies, 1998) 145 pp.

Articles in Kataragama: The Mystery Shrine include:

  1. From Kailasa to Kataragama: Sacred Geography in the cult of Skanda-Murukan
  2. Dionysus and Kataragama: Parallel Mystery Cults
  3. Kataragama's Holistic Orientation
  4. Tall Tales and Deep Truths
  5. The Long Road to Kataragama
  6. Love, War and Mystery: A Sri Lanka Diary
  7. Haro Hara! Pada Yatra Amidst War and Gunfire
  8. Theo's Adventures in Alternative Lanka
  9. Veddahs Celebrate Kataragama Wedding Festival
  10. Islamic Kataragama: The Timeless Shrine
  11. Marvels of Law Enforcement at Kataragama